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The JetLux Company is a privately held real estate investment company based in Johannesburg, South Africa that specializes in acquiring, managing and repositioning of Class A and Class B residential properties.


The JetLux Company’s niche is acquiring value add opportunities in distressed markets. Using hands-on management techniques combined with experienced property managers, we are able to improve investment results by increasing revenues and lowering operating costs through efficient management systems.


In our early years, we learned that in order to thrive in this industry, a company has to be both financially and organizationally prepared to quickly deal with and respond to market changes. Being dynamic in our objectives by continuously adjusting for factors that affect our industry has meant the difference between enhancing our assets and profitability rather than merely preserving them.

We are actively seeking acquisitions of distressed properties.


Our Mission Statement :


Our mission is to create investment income through the purchasing and reselling of distressed homes. A targeted 100% profitability will be generated by performing cosmetic or functional improvements to single-family homes. These renovations will significantly increase the value of the property and make it available for sale to a focused customer marketplace. We will not bend the truth to make a sale. For every single customer, we will work as hard as we can to help them achieve their dreams. We are grateful and inspired to be working with a select team of professionals whom we believe are the most capable, honest and hard-working in the country. We believe that working hard at something you love to do, with people you trust, is one of the greatest experiences in life. We love to help our customers find a house that can become a happy home. We are devoted to our family, our colleagues, our community, and our country. We are proud to offer what we feel are the finest homes in the country. *Finally, we believe that our business can be successful for generations only if we continue a Tradition of Trust.     "Joba Amao"



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