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About our finder


For over five years, The JetLux Company’s founder Oluwajoba “Joba” Amao has dedicated himself to real estate investing, particularly in distressed markets. The key to Mr. Amao’s success has been his timing and talent of acquiring the right asset, in the right market, at the right time.


As an entrepreneur at heart, Joba realized the opportunities that existed in being self employed and started his own business in Nigeria at age eighteen (18) from Jewelries & Fragnances to High end Wrist Watches, Automobile, Import & Export and Property Acquisition.


In the early 2014, Joba relocated to South Africa as a Real Estate Investor so that he could invest in distressed and bank owned properties. He has never looked back, and now continues to dedicate his time and energy to real estate, especially distressed property acquisitions.


Today Mr. Amao is guiding The JetLux Company in all aspects of its business. He is personally involved in all acquisitions, dispositions and other material transactions, and maintains a hands on management approach.


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